About Us


Our Vision:

Aims to be the preferred partner in the application of environmental management technologies for the development that is clean, green and sustainable to nature.

Our Mission:

We will pursue the satisfaction for the customers with our dedication, devotion and continuous up-gradation of quality services: by assessing their need in-depth, to provide most economical and technically feasible customized Solutions, to meet the individual requirements of the project/client.


Our Strengths

The highly sophisticated laboratory and research station spread over 400 square feet area at Surat, is equipped with all the required instruments to carry out the analysis pertaining to air, water and wastewater. We have offices in Surat, Ahmedabad and Rajkot.

We undertake ETP & STP projects from clients all over India through our proudly team of highly qualified and professionally experienced Environmental engineers and scientists.


  • Biraj Kukadiya– B.E. Environment, Master in Technology Management- 4 years of experience in handling medium to large scale projects.
  • Nikita Kukadiya – B.A., M.A. in psychology, B.Ed,


  • Bipin Agravat – B.E Engineers with 18 years of expertise in Project and innovation management.
  • Kalpesh Goti – B.E.Environment, MBA (Experience of 4 years) – Expert

Our Team

A team of competent, experienced professionals enables us to come up with the best products as well as services. Some of our ingenious professionals are:

  • Nilesh Gopani – M.E. Environment (Experience of 6 years) –Sr. Engineer
  • Tejas Varsani – B.E. Chemical (Experience of 5 years) –Sr. Engineer
  • Deven Patel – B. Sc. Chemistry (Experience of 4 years) – Lab Chemist
  • Vinubhai Chaudhari (Experience 9 years) – Field Supervisor
  • Baldevbhai Prajapati (Experience 7 years) – Field Team member
  • Himansu Marturkar-Diploma Mechanical ( Experience 5 years)-Lab Chemist
  • Jaydev More- Diploma Fire Safety (Experience 8 years)- Site Supervisor
  • Tushar Dudhat –B.E.Chemical( Experience 3 years) – Lab Chemist
  • Dhiren Soni– B.E.Environment(Experience of 2 years) – Jr. Engineer
  • Rajesh Devganiya – M. Sc. Microbiology (Experience of 5 years)–Sr. Env Analyst

Why Us?

Greencarbon Management is highly committed to provide best in class service & guarantee compliance in Water & Wastewater and safety consulting; Water and Wastewater Treatment process engineering as well as Environmental Management field.

Greencarbon team offers a consistent level of top quality service and unique personal attention, through a medium of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who will accomplish your objectives by combining their expertise with advanced technology and methodology.